Radio Simple Minds


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Simple Minds - Celebrate (Album: Empires and Dance)Live
  • Simple Minds - Stand By Love - Barrowlands 13/8/91 (Silver Box 1991 - 1995)
  • Simple Minds - See the Lights (Album: Acoustic)
  • Simple Minds - Slave Nation (album: Cry)
  • Simple Minds - Street Fighting Years (Album: Street Fighting Years)
  • Simple Minds - Tears of a Guy (Album: Néapolis)
  • Simple Minds - Cry (album: Cry)
  • Simple Minds - Real Life - Barrowlands 13/8/91
  • Simple Minds - Reel to Real (Album: Reel to Real Cacophony)
  • Simple Minds - King Is White And In The Crowd - Barrowlands 13/8/91 (Silver Box 1991 - 1995)


This is an internet radio station that broadcasts from Australia. Radio Simple Minds, as the name states, is a tribute to the homonymous band. It plays songs from the several albums of the band.

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