Qeenatha Assyrian Radio


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Go Hawa (Gnaha)Live
  • Mar'nah Qatee (Taneloon)
  • Arpa Penyata (Sparta)
  • Hawareh (La Ma'eriwa)
  • Ah Donye (Len Msaya D Manshanokh)
  • Qasra D'kholmanee (Asheq D'aynatakh)
  • Khamta D Beta (feat. Linda George) (Sahda)
  • Gashiq (New Age Sounds)
  • Khoba Sodana (Khoba Sodana)
  • Zalem Welokh Ya Dora (Assyrian Roots)


Qeenatha is a radio station that was established aiming to serve the Assyrian community spread across the country. It is on air 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and features the latest and greatest Assyrian songs.

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