Oz Arab Radio


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Hailee Steinfeld, Anderson Paak - CoastLive
  • 008 Hussain Al Jassmi - Bahebek Wahshteni
  • Oz Arab Radio - AR jingle
  • معليش - سمير حنا
  • News - أبرز عناوين اليوم/Latest News Headlines
  • Strangers - Strangers
  • Stephen Sanchez - Until I Found You
  • Majda Al Roumi - Esma3 2albi
  • Dr. Alaa Alawadi - Horoscopes
  • 071 Elissa - Tesada2 Bemeen


This radio station aims to benefit the Arab diaspora in Australia by providing entertainment, information, and Arab, Australian, and international news. It is broadcasted daily in Arabic and English languages.

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