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GVL Replay - Rd8 Shepparton United Vs SeymourLive
  • Forecast: Sat Possible Shower 13°C  Sun Showers Easing 13°C
  • Forecast: Showers 13°C  Tomorrow: Possible Shower 13°C
  • Forecast: Fri Showers 13°C  Sat Possible Shower 13°C
  • Forecast: Showers Easing 16°C  Tomorrow: Showers Increasing 13°C
  • Forecast: Thu Showers Easing 16°C  Fri Showers Increasing 13°C
  • Unknown
  • Forecast: Rain Developing 13°C  Tomorrow: Rain 15°C
  • Forecast: Wed Rain Developing 13°C  Thu Rain 15°C
  • Forecast: Mostly Sunny 15°C  Tomorrow: Rain 14°C


One FM is a local community radio station based in Shepparton, Victoria. This radio has been on air since the eighties and broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. its programming includes news, sports, events and much more.


Live & Local


PO Box 4034, Shepparton, Vic 3632, Australia
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