Radio Newmarket


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The Eastern - State Houses by the RiverLive
  • Nicola Watson - Windmills
  • The Maine - When I'm At Home
  • Broderick Smith - Youre Not Naked
  • The Tango Saloon - The Long Walk
  • This Century - Love Killer
  • Rob Longstaff - Swing On By
  • Chopper Read & The Blue Flames - 1967 Chopper in the Guitar Amp Jjj Mull
  • Rob Longstaff, Doc Span - Howlin At the Moon
  • Matt Taylor - Relax'In


This radio station is part of Newmarket Music, that's a long-standing distributor and record label of international and Australian music, such as jazz, alternative, pop, punk, indie, country, folk, blues, and roots music.

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