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DJ Philip Noce - Decades Part D: email: - request line: (732) 322-4196Live
  • Hits from the 70' (2): Heintje - Wenn Ich Einst Groß Bin
  • Hits from the 70' (2): Led Zeppelin - Tea for One
  • Hits from the 70' (2): Knack - Lucinda
  • Hits from the 70' (2): Neil Young - Expecting To Fly
  • Hits from the 70' (2): Gitte - Weiße Rosen (Rose Bianci)
  • News Bulletin
  • Oldies and Modern Hits (1): Annemarie Eilfeld - Adieu St. Tropez
  • Oldies and Modern Hits (1): MARRANDRO - Power of Fantasy
  • Oldies and Modern Hits (1): Lian Ross - Young Forever


On air all day long, broadcasting from Perth, FRC All Music is a network for all of those involved in music: from fans to musicians, from producers to labels, from singers to agents.


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