Format 3


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Dj Shannon - Pump Up The Soul (2021)Live
  • Taylor Swift - I Knew You Were Trouble (PHYNX Remix)
  • Air News Bulletin (National)
  • Bananarama - Robert De Niro’s Waiting (Extended) (1984)
  • Peter Gabriel - Steam (Hot Tracks Remix)
  • Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (Rhythm Sticks)
  • K.L.F. - Justified & Ancient (Rhythm Stick Remix)
  • One Direction - Drag Me Down (Part 1) (Ultimix Remix)
  • Undercover - Baker Street (1992)
  • Dj Schmolli - Gerry & Barbra


This is an online radio station that offers a different programming. It takes all the songs and remixes, changes or covers mash up them for a result that will surprise the listeners that are looking for something different.


The Songs You Know But Different


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